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Do you want to go green and save money on your energy bills, but find all of today's new technology confusing?

Solar, high efficiency, heat pumps, photovoltaic. What does it all mean?

It's kind of like buying your first computer.

You need an expert.

Or you need a little education.

Starting with our July issue, The Handy Helper Magazine will bring you both in the first semester of its Energy Savings Course. Enroll in the course for free and earn a degree as a Green Pioneer. Just read through each "lecture" and then answer three simple questions that everyone can get an "A" on.

You'll learn how to reduce the energy costs in your own home and could save yourself hundreds of dollars next winter on your fuel costs.

After three issues you'll earn your degree and receive an official certificate in the mail along with discounts for all sorts of improvements to your home.

You'll also qualify to be the Grand Prize winner of a one thousand dollar energy efficient upgrade to your home-courtesy of Pioneer Valley Winnelson and Lessard Home Solutions.

The course will be "taught" by Tim Lessard, President of Lessard Home Solutions of Springfield and local energy efficiency expert. Pioneer Valley Winnelson - with a brand new kitchen and bath showroom in Agawam-will also be sponsoring your "education."

You'll qualify for other prizes, too, learn the basics of saving energy and lowering fuel costs in your own home, and, we hope, have a little fun along the way.

And you could win that Grand Prize, too.

So get your pencil, paper and calculator ready and we'll see you in July. You won't even have to bring an apple for the teacher.

2006 The Handy Helper Magazine